Solutions of Value


Over 24 Years of Service Experience in the following:
* Computer Hardware/Operating Systems/Applications Repair
* System Upgrades
* Purchasing and Hardware Replacement Consulation
* All Peripheral Hardware, Printers, Bluetooth, USB Devices, Scanners, Multimachines, Fax, and Mobile Computing
* Microsoft Operating Systems, Fedora (Linux), Apple O/S's, and Netware
* Systems Utilities, and Systems Diagnostics Software
* Telecommunications, Network Cabling, and Hardware Installations
* Network Hardware Configurations and Troubleshooting
* Internet Safety, Anti Virus, Anti Spam, Anti Malware, Firewalls, and Gaming Configurations
* All Wireless 802.11, Wireless Applications, Broadband Cellular (CDPD & CDMA), and Wireless Security
* Server Administration, User Management, Resource Management, Intranet Servers, and Enterprise Level networking
* Disaster Recovery, Data Recovery, Data Management, Power Management
* Microsoft Office, Email Applications, Remote Desktop Management, Photoshop, Acrobat, Website Design and Administration
* Computer Aided Machinery, GIS Fleet Management Systems, and Environmental Computer Aided Control Systems
* Consumer Electronics, XM Radio, and Household Electrical Based Systems (electronic security, garage doors, X10, etc.)
* Audio and Video File Management.  Ipod and Itunes.  MP3 Devices and Portable Electronics
* Training
* References Upon Request